It seems like it is only a matter of time before mobs of incredibly violent teens manage to beat someone to death in Memphis, Tennessee.

A man by the name of Orrden Williams Jr. was the latest victim of a mob attack, swarmed for doing nothing more than walking an elderly woman to her car:

A man was viciously attacked in broad daylight by a mob of teenagers while helping an elderly woman at a gas station.

Orrden Williams Jr. recounted his frightening experience tonight with Sean Hannity.

He said that an elderly woman told him that she was nervous about walking to her car alone from inside the Memphis, TN gas station’s store.

Williams explained that the woman was scared of a group of teenagers who were outside loitering and throwing gang signs, so he decided to walk the woman to her car.

As soon as he stepped outside with the woman, the teens charged and began violently attacking him with punches and kicks.

Williams told Hannity that he considered using the gun he had in his car to protect himself and his family, who were inside his vehicle at the time of the attack.

Williams made the decision to leave his sidearm in his vehicle when he entered the store, and that decision nearly cost him his life. One good punch or kick to the head during this mob attack could have rendered him permanently disabled or dead.

This sort of mob attack isn’t new in Memphis, but is part of an increasingly violent series of actions by violent young criminals who attack law-abiding citizens for their amusement, without regard for life.

In early September, another mob of young criminals attacked a man outside a Memphis Kroger without provocation, and also attacked the Kroger employees that attempted to rescue him. The customer and one of the employees were knocked unconscious, and could have easily been killed.

In late September, another teen mob attacked Memphis citizens without provocation. Sharon Mourning, one of the victims of the attack, warned that if the violent mobs weren’t controlled, Memphis was going to burn.

These violent mobs don’t appear to have racial motives, and are simply attacking random people on a whim for their depraved amusement.

The only rational response to these attacks—since neither the Memphis government nor police nor parents of these violent teens seem to be able contain them—is for citizens to carry duty-grade, regular-capacity handguns on their bodies for their person protection at all times against mob attack.