Two men have been shot and killed attempting to storm an Islamic cartoon contest by Texas law enforcement officers. The two men were armed with logn guns and suspected explosives when shot down outside the building. One officer was struck in the leg in the exchange of gunfire, but is expected to recover.

Three Breitbart Texas employees were inside the event when the attack occurred, and another one was outside. They are updating the story constantly and we recommend you follow the story as it develops:

Armed police officers rushed in to the Mohammed Art Exhibit and Contest and quickly removed Pamela Geller and whisked her away to safety after a gunfight erupted outside of the event. A law enforcement officer and two suspects are reportedly down, according to police on the scene. Three Breitbart Texas reporters are locked down inside of the event. The officers on the scene said that possible explosives were found. The extrication of Geller occurred during a live video interview with Breitbart Texas.

None of those attended the event are injured, and SWAT units have them protected.

The attendees responded to the attack by singing the Star-Spangled Banner.

We’ll update this story as facts become available.

[Image: Bob Price/Brietbart Texas]