Liberty-hating northeastern Democrats are taking another run at your Second Amendment rights by targeting the supply of ammunition.

This time, they are proposing registration scheme that would drive up the price of selling ammunition online and create a database of ammunition purchasers in the Department of Justice:

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-12) will introduce a bill in congress Tuesday to place restrictions on the sale of ammunition online.

The bill would require that federally licensed ammunition dealers confirm the identify of their customers by verifying a photo identification and if those customers purchase more than 1,000 rounds within five consecutive days, their identifies would be passed along to the U.S. Attorney General.

“This gives the ability to monitor large ammunition purchases and flag them for law enforcement,” said Watson Coleman, speaking at a press conference at the Serenity Garden at the corner of Prospect Street and Bellevue Avenue in Trenton.

“There are plenty of ways that we monitor the purchase of firearms, but when it comes to ammunition regulation seems to stop,” Watson Coleman said. “There is nothing keeping an individual intent to commit a large-scale atrocity from rapidly and anonymously stockpiling the means to do so.”

Watson Coleman has support from her congressional colleague and co-sponsor Frank Pallone (D-6).

Documentation requirements would drive up the cost of doing business for online retailers, many of whom exist on thin profit margins.

This scheme by Watson Coleman is a classic example of an anti-freedom progressive using a single isolated incident by a criminal as an excuse to attack the rights of an entire nation.

In practice the proposed bill will almost exclusively target the most law-abiding group of citizens in the United States, those high-volume sport shooters and shooting enthusiasts who buy ammunition by 1,000-5,000 rounds cases.  These very competitive shooters often shooting tens of thousands of rounds per year in training, and have already undergone numerous background checks for the various firearms they own.

Violent criminals—when they buy ammunition at all instead of stealing it—acquire it in small amounts, typically just a box at a time.

Fortunately, her scheme has zero chance of gaining significant support in either house of Congress.

It does confirm, however, that anti-liberty Democrats are always trying to find new ways to create a de facto gun ownership registry, and citizens concerned about the intentions of an increasingly powerful and corrupt federal government should be very suspicious of their intentions.