Now, perhaps more than at any point in American history, we are “people of the gun.”

Total and per capita firearms ownership is thought to be higher now than at any point in American history. Nearly every kind of shooting sport is seeing record growth. Firearms training classes are filling up, and new firearms ranges are being added nationwide, including so-called “guntry clubs” in major metropolitan areas that cater to an emerging urban gun culture.

The number of youth, women,  and minorities flocking to what has been called “Gun Culture 2.0” is a stunning sight to behold. Shooting is no longer a rural past-time handed down from father to son, but something that has spread to the suburbs and big cities as well. You’re now just as likely to be invited to go shootings by someone at work or school as you would be a close friend or relative, and it’s likely to be a large social occasion as well, with numerous friends and families shooting together.

Because of the emerging and undeniable reality that guns are much more accepted than ever before in American public life, there are no more gun control groups in America.


Find me a group of liberty-hating hoplophobes these days, and you won’t see them calling themselves gun control supporters anymore. They know that they are losing the war for the hearts and minds of Americans and are losing them badly badly, and so in what was surely a focus-group tested bit of desperation, they are all now “gun safety groups.”

No, I’m not kidding.

The "Gun Safety Group" Lie
Gun control groups are losing, and so they are attempting to rebrand themselves as “gun safety groups” with help from their allies in the mainstream media.

Moms Demand Action is a “gun safety group.”

Everytown is a “gun safety group.”

The Deranged Coalition to Stop Gun Violence  is a “gun safety group.”

They’re all “gun safety groups.”

The cynical rebranding attempt by both these gun prohibitionist groups and their media allies would be quite amusing if they weren’t so seriously attempting to undermine the Constitution.

What is amusing is calling these groups out on their “gun safety” offerings. As you probably expected, none of these groups actually know anything about firearms (other than that they dislike them), and so they don’t have the first foggy notion of how to offer “gun safety” training or advice.

Countering them is the nation’s largest real gun safety group, which was founded by Army officers in 1871 to teach firearms safety and marksmanship, and which has more than 100,000 certified instructors, teaching 950,000+ students a year. This legitimate gun safety organization provides gun safety training to everyone from your child’s teacher to your pastor to your local law enforcement agencies.

You probably know then better as the National Rifle Association.

Amusingly, they don’t have to constantly try to hide who and what they are.