We told you yesterday about the third-party self-defense shooting at a Knoxville, TN convenience store.

18-year-old armed robber Tamon J. Stapleton stormed into the the Breadbox and forced the female employee behind the counter and towards the register at 2:30 AM with a gun to her head. One of the employee’s male friends happened to be in his car in front of the Breadbox. He retrieved his legally-owned pistol from his car and ran into the store, firing a single shot that struck Stapleton in the head, killing him.

Believe it or not, Stapleton’s mother Joy is now demanding homicide charges be filed against the man who defended the clerk from her violent thug of a son:

The teen just graduated from Austin-East High School. From his mother’s point of view, things were getting better.

“I don’t care what they say about Tamon’s juvenile charges, the past is the past,” said Stapleton.

She plans to fight for charges against the shooter, but police say the case is closed.

“If the store clerk would have killed him I would have felt different,” said Stapleton. “But because that man came into the store and killed him as he watched this robbery go on…he was not in danger. He could have dialed 911 and then went in to the store. But he didn’t, he just automatically went into the store and shot my son in the head.”

No, Joy. That’s not how any of this works.

The article makes very clear that Tamon (and presumably his accomplice, Pumbaa) had a very long and violent juvenile criminal record, starting with six arrests as a 14-year-old. He didn’t even learn anything after being shot previously in 2014.

The problem, Joy, is that your son was a danger to society for a very long time.

The problem, Joy, is that your son was a violent human predator on a fast track to murdering someone.

The problem, Joy, is that you are part of a culture that fails to raise your children with any respect for civility, decency, or hard work.

Do you want to find the culprit in your son’s death, Joy Stapleton?

Find a mirror, and stare at it very hard.