A North Carolina woman is in jail on first-degree murder charges after shooting and killing a second-degree murder suspect who was out on bail in an apparent act of retribution:

A Selma woman was arrested Tuesday in the fatal weekend shooting of a Wilson’s Mills man who had been charged in the May death of his teenage girlfriend.

Annie Marie Artis, 42, of Oak Street, was charged with murder in the death of Derrick Williams. She was being held without bond in the Johnston County jail.

Johnston County deputies responded to a shooting early Sunday during a party at 527 Slate Top Road, a building known as “The Sugar Shack,” and found Williams dead. He had been shot several times, authorities said.

Williams, 42, was scheduled to appear in court on Thursday on a second-degree murder charge in the May 2 death of Moesha “Kiki” Lockamy.

Lockamy, 18, and Williams were playing with a gun at his Mitchner Drive home when it went off, shooting her in the chest and killing her, authorities said.

Williams was a felon who never should have been in possession of a gun in the first place, and it is disgusting that our court system let him out of jail on bail from the shooting death of Lockamy.

We do not have confirmation that Artis killed Williams in revenge for Lockamy’s death, but there have been mentions made on social media that suggest that there was anger in the community that Williams was out on bail, including suggestions that the Williams’ death was motivated by a sense that the criminal justice system had failed to obtain “justice” for Lockamy.

Williams was to have had a hearing in court regarding Lockamy’s death on Thursday.