A mewling gun control group is irate that a local grocery store chain is refusing to infringe upon the rights of citizens to bear arms for their defense, a policy that is fully in accordance with state laws.

Anti-firearm protesters are planning to protest against Mariano’s allowing guns in their suburban stores Tuesday morning during a grand opening ceremony of the chain’s newest location in Northbrook.

“Mariano’s doesn’t let people carry guns in its Chicago stores,” said Lee Goodman of Peaceful Communities, an organizer of the protest, “Why should people in the suburbs shop in a store that isn’t even trying to keep its customers safe? Why shouldn’t we have the same protection that people in Chicago do?”

The protest is set to begin around 8:30 a.m. just north of the corner of Dundee Road and Skokie Boulevard.

According to a media advisory, the protest is in connection to the store’s policy to allow guns at locations in which it is legal to do so.

“Roundy’s abides by all local firearm laws in the states in which we operate. In Illinois, concealed carry is allowed under the Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act, and unless otherwise limited in local ordinances, an individual in compliance with that Act is allowed in our stores,” according to a statement released by Mariano’s on Monday. “We respect that there are strong feelings on both sides of this issue and believe that our customers can be respectful to one another when shopping at our stores.”

Mr. Goodman of the amusingly titled “Peaceful Communities” has a a rather warped view of reality, doesn’t he? He honesty thinks that making people defenseless helps them.

The tiny group of supporters he attracted seems to share the same misfiring neuron.

Check out what must be the dumbest gun control argument of time, “Signs Save Lives.”

Three simple, short words, showing how disconnected from reality this poor woman truly is.

She honestly thinks that a “no guns” sign on a door is going to cause a criminal to not just pause and reconsider the armed robbery he is a bout to commit, but cause him to reverse course entirely.

She thinks a sign will make a deadly predator—one that likely has only marginal literacy to begin with—to alter his criminal path.

She truly believes that the threat of prosecution for a minor infraction is going to dissuade a criminal from committing felonies.

It blows the mind to fathom the depths of her delusions.

The group claims that twelve whole people showed up for the protest.

They must be arriving at that conclusion using Common Core math.