New Jersey Governor and presidential candidate Chris Christie said that he is not in favor of passing new gun control laws after yesterday’s high-profile murders by a gay black Obama supporter who had hoped to trigger a race war:

Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) said Thursday that enforcing existing gun laws should take precedence over new legislation, a day after the deadly shooting of two journalists during a live broadcast.

“I’ll tell you what I am more scared of, I’m more scared of criminals than I am of guns,” the 2016 presidential contender said during an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

“The deaths are an awful tragedy, but let’s focus on what the real problem is: We’re not enforcing the law in this country,” Christie added in another interview on “Fox & Friends.” “We’ve got plenty of laws on the books that deal with gun violence; we just don’t enforce them.”

On Wednesday, a reporter and a camera man for local Virginia station WDBJ7 were slain while conducting an interview on camera. The suspected gunman later committed suicide while being apprehended by police.

For his part President Obama claimed that the shooting incident broke his heart, and started that the number of gun deaths in the U.S. “surpasses deaths from terrorism.”

He had to stipulate domestically, because the Mexican and American victims of the Sinaloa cartel armed through Operation Fast and Furious, and the countless victims of ISIS and al Qaeda armed by the Obama administration in the Middle East, have a very different view.