This looks bad, folks. Really bad.

A manhunt was underway in far north suburban Fox Lake, after a police officer was shot and killed during a traffic stop.

Lake County Major Crimes Task Force Cmdr. George Filenko said an officer was shot Tuesday morning near Rollins Road and Route 59. Sources said the officer has died.

According to sources, it started with a traffic stop on Rollins Road, when pepper spray was deployed, and the officer was shot.

People in the area were being told to stay inside their homes and businesses. Grant Community High School in Fox Lake and St. Bede School in neighboring Ingleside were placed on lockdown at the request of Fox Lake Police as police search for the suspects.

Gavin School District 57 said Gavin South Middle School and Gavin Central Elementary School — both in Ingleside — were on soft lockdown. McHenry School District 15 said all of its schools — six elementary schools and two high schools — also were on soft lockdown due to the manhunt.

Police were searching for a white male and a black male, and possibly a female as well. Unconfirmed dispatch reports indicated the suspects might have taken the officer’s gun and pepper spray.

The manhunt appeared to be centered on a marshy area off Rainier Way and Rollins Road. Police officers from at least a half dozen different agencies – many heavily armed and wearing body armor – have scattered throughout the area. Several law enforcement vehicles, including armored trucks, were lining U.S. Route 12 in Fox Lake.

If this account is roughly accurate, we’re possibly looking at another situation where a law enforcement officer was worried about being attacked for using too much force against an “unarmed” man or men.

He went with pepper spray, which clearly wasn’t enough.

He died in the resulting fight.

When facing multiple suspects, chemical sprays, tasers, and batons are not appropriate, and goes against all training that I’ve read. Deploying a firearm is the only logical response against multiple threats.

The officer was overpowered and killed by at least two people, and possibly a third. It seems probable that this was a takeaway, and that the officer was killed with his own gun.

Thank you, Black Lives Matter. Thank you, mainstream media. Thank you Barack Obama and a long string of lesser politicians too numerous to name.

You’re crusaded long and hard to convince people that “unarmed” people aren’t a lethal force threat.

Now another police officer is dead as a result.