If you’re a big enough gun geek, you’re probably aware of the drama surrounding FireClean in recent weeks. FireClean is a gun oil  this alleged to be nothing more or less than a vegetable oil or vegetable oil blend.

Maybe it is.

Actually, it almost certainly is.

So what?

I could care less about the exact chemical makeup of FireClean, as long as A) it works as intended, and B) is non-toxic as they claim it is.

As an adult in the 21st century, I know people go into business to make money to provide for their families. They take risks to become successful. Sometimes those risks lead to riches. Most times that risk leads to failure. I applaud those with courage to try to succeed. That entrepreneurial spirit is part of what makes this nation great.

The absolute worst anyone can say about FireClean is that they have apparently found a non-toxic vegetable oil or vegetable oil-based blend with a high smoking temperature and had the flash of inspiration, “hey, I bet this would work as a good non-toxic gun oil!” They tested it, found that it worked, and then sold it at market rate on par with all the other gun oils.

What’s the problem?

If your singular complaint is that FireClean costs as much as Brand X gun oil, which costs more than vegetable oil Brand Y, which costs more than generic vegetable oil… well, welcome to capitalism and branding, noob.

Guess what? You decide what a product is worth, when you agree to buy it at a given price.

Companies price their products based upon what the market is willing to pay for similar products/technologies.

As long as FireClean works as advertised, I don’t see the problem. Go squirt some in your polymer blaster that probably cost $60 to produce.

Caveat emptor.

Update: I have no problem with FireClean marketing a vegetable oil as a gun oil, as it seems to perform the role well enough.

I do, however, have a problem with what appears to be intentional dishonesty in one of their “product testing” videos uncovered by Andrew Tuohy, which calls into question the integrity of one of the most famous firearms trainers in the industry as well.