New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is attempting to exploit the death of an aide with a weapon already illegal under federal law to try to strip away you basic natural right to armed self-defense.

The aide to Gov. Cuomo who died nine days after he was hit by a stray bullet before the J’Ouvert celebration on Labor Day helped craft the state’s tough gun control law.

But the SAFE act proved to be no protection to 43-year-old Carey Gabay “because it’s not enough, because guns are coming in from other states,” Gov. Cuomo said Thursday.

“The cruel irony here is that we passed the toughest gun control law in the country here in New York,” Cuomo said at a Harlem breakfast hosted by the Amsterdam News.

“As long as you can get a gun from some state down south, put it in a trunk and drive it up, it’s gonna get into this state, and that’s what’s happening,” he said.

You are a vile, lying, opportunistic jerk, Governor Cuomo.

Submachine guns like the MAC-10 blamed for Gabay’s death have been tightly regulated under federal law since the 1934 National Firearms Act. They are so tightly regulated that there has been precisely one murder committed with a lawfully owned automatic weapon not belonging to law enforcement in the past 81 years.

There is zero evidence that this MAC-10 was lawfully owned, lawfully transferred, or even lawfully manufactured/converted.

Please tell us, Governor Cuomo, how making an already illegally owned and probably illegally-manufactured/converted machine gun that is illegal to transfer across state lines and used in an attempted murder even more illegal is going to any impact at all on criminals already willing to commit murder on the crowded public streets of the City That Never Sleeps?

Here’s a novel idea.

How about you stop trying to blame the thug culture problems liberal Democrats manufactured in New York through decades of inept and self-defeating left-wing social policy on those states “down south.” After all, we aren’t having the problem of three gangs at a time engaging in shootouts with automatic weapons in public before a parade.

There are hundreds of thousands to perhaps millions of illegal guns in New York City because people don’t trust anti-gun liberals such as yourself to keep them safe.

You want to hold someone to blame, Mayor?

Find a mirror.