A rabid supporter of gun control edited a recent video of conservative talker and Hands Off My Gun author Dana Loesch to depict her bloody demise.

Conservative talk radio host and gun-rights advocate Dana Loesch says she has reached out to the FBI after an Internet troll edited a promotional video she recently did for the National Rifle Association to depict her bloody gun death.

Twitter user @TomAdelsbach, who describes himself as a “Graphic Artist, Website Designer, Flash Animator” from Chicago, edited the video to show Ms. Loesch shooting herself in the head. His now-deleted post read, “Dana Loesch’s new promotional video for the #NRA ‘backfires’ on her,” a local Fox affiliate reported.

Adelbach’s Twitter feed reads like a confessional of mental illness, and his tendency towards uncontrollable rage suggests that he is precisely the kind of anti-gun progressive who thinks that since he cannot control himself, that others are similarly burdened with his shortcomings, and should be stripped of their rights to defend themselves against violent people like Adelbach.

Some in the media are wondering why Loesch associated Adebach with the radical anti-gun group Moms Demand Action, and the association is very simple.

Adelbach has made repeated and frequent use of the Moms Demand Action created anti-gun  hashtag on Twitter, #gunsense, and has retweeted Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts recently.

He’s clearly a follower of Shannon Watts and Moms Demand, even though Watts and Moms Demand are attempting to distance themselves from a man who is precisely the kind of person this group of vile anti-liberty radicals attracts.