A University of Texas-Austin alumnus who doesn’t believe anyone should have the right to bear arms is planning a sex toy protest of campus carry law for the first day of fall semester in 2016.

Jessica Jin, a former music major, was listening to NPR when she came up with the half-cocked scheme:

I was sitting in traffic yesterday listening to a discussion on public radio about the morning’s school shootings. I felt a lot of frustration at those who were still trying to explain-away, or make excuses for this repeated pattern of violence and said to myself, “Man, these people are such dildos.”

I couldn’t believe that people could still sit there and defend their own personal gun ownership while watching families mourn the loss of their children. The dildo concept began as a reaction in jest to this week’s shooting events. One joke led to another, and I did a little research on the rules surrounding dildos in classrooms. When I discovered that it is indeed against UT policy to wave dildos around campus, I just couldn’t help myself.

Jin created a Facebook page touting the event¬†when she discovered that while concealed weapons will soon be legal on campus, the open display of sex toys runs afoul of the University’s obscenity policies.

Curiously, Jin is a first-generation American of Chinese descent, and¬†China’s communist government shares Jin’s disdain for the personal ownership of firearms.

After all, the Chinese government could not have carried out their democide of nearly 77 million people between 1949-1987 if their citizens were armed.