It seems like it was just weeks ago when I took the one-day Sentinel Concepts Practical Shotgun class at the Alliance Police Training facility. One of the most popular accessories on the firing line that day was a prototype Quick-Detach shell carrier from Aridus Industries.

Here’s what it looks like mounted to the 870 I was using in class that day, with the Aridus Industries Quick Detach Carrier (QDC) mounted on the receiver.

Adam Roth, the man behind Aridus Industries, has had serious, hardcore military and police shooters, firearm instructors and “everyday joes” test the Quick Detach system he created. It features an AK-like paddle mag release which enables a user to switch out the six-shot shell carrier bodies in just a couple of seconds, keeping a fresh supply of ammo on the gun.

The six-pack carrier bodies also fit common AR-15 magazine pouches, so shotgun users can easily set up rigs to carry as many carrier bodies as needed.

It’s a brilliant concept, well executed, and heavily tested with full-house loads.

Roth now merely needs an injection mold to go into full production, but ran into a snag last night when the crowd-funding site he’d planned on using—one that has crowd-funded 80% lower receivers for AR-15 and 1911 frames—suddenly and unexpectedly denied him the right to use their crowd-funding tool.

Sadly, this is par for the course, as none of the major crowd-sourcing sites will allow gun companies or even firearm accessory companies like Aridus Industries to raise funds, even though they allow all sorts of other absurd-to-crude ventures.

Roth is now going with the direct route with his crowd-funding appeal on the Aridus Industries Web site.

It’s sad that the online world that pays so much lip-service to First Amendment concerns is so eager to stifle the creativity of inventors and would-be investors of Second Amendment-focused product.

Purely as fans of the Second Amendment, we hope he raises all the money he needs just to spite those who wouldn’t allow him to pursue his dream.