The news just keeps getting worse for the three Democrats still in contention for the 2016 Presidential elections.

Jim Webb and Lincoln Chaffee have quit the race for the top of the Democrat ticket, leaving Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley still in the race… and apparently intent on seeing who can take the most radically anti-gun position.

O’Malley and Clinton both explicitly called the nation’s oldest civil rights group—the National Rifle Association—their “enemy” during the first Democrat debate.

It looks like their strategy, and for that matter, their professed hatred for the NRA, is backfiring spectacularly.

Gun control activists have demonized the organization, anti-gun rights groups have held protests against them, President Obama has accused them of wielding too much political power and Hillary Clinton has compared them to terrorists. Yet, the National Rifle Association still has the support of the American majority.

Yet in a Gallup poll from Oct. 7-11, a solid majority of Americans (58%) say they have an overall favorable impression of the NRA. This includes the highest recording of “very favorable” opinions (26%) since Gallup began asking this question in 1989. In December 2012, soon after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, 54% of Americans had a favorable impression of the NRA. The highest percentage in Gallup’s 26-year trend was in 2005, when 60% of Americans viewed the organization favorably.

It seems that the louder these anti-liberty Democrats and their followers are in their attacks on the right of all citizens to bear arms for their individual and the common defense, the more the citizenry understands and appreciates the role of the National Rifle Association in defending that right.

Moreover, it seems that more people are coming to understand that the right to bear arms isn’t just about gun ownership; it is the key right that protects all of our other human rights.

One of the most common mistakes for the polimedia* class in this country is that they inhabit a very insular world, and they have begun to believe their own propaganda. In this instance, they sincerely believe the lie they’ve constructed that the NRA is nothing more than a lobbying organization for gun manufacturers, “intent on concocting fears to sell guns.”

They don’t grasp—and indeed, are perhaps intentionally avoiding admitting to themselves— that the NRA isn’t a gun industry organization (that’s the NSSF), but a massive civil rights organization driven by, responsive to, and made up of perfectly normal American citizens. There are more than five million members of the NRA, and the stance of this organization heavily influences the voting patterns of tens of millions more citizens, and that is where they draw their power.

The NRA isn’t a top-down organization telling it’s followers what to think.

The NRA is the nation’s most successful grassroots citizen’s community, and has appointed some trusted people to act on behalf of millions of voices.

The power of the NRA doesn’t come from Wayne LaPierre. It comes from the tens of millions of gun owners that he defends with such fire against dishonest and craven attacks from elitists that imagine themselves to be better and smarter than the Founding Fathers themselves.

The NRA defends freedoms that the radical left wing that has taken over the top of the Democrat Party continually assault.

The public’s support of the NRA is “only” at 58% right now.

Expect it to inch higher as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley continue their assault on American values.


* “Polimedia” is a portmanteau of politics and media, and refers to the “revolving door” between the major mainstream news media and the national Democrat Party.