Despite the spectacular failure of long-time allies Terry McAuliffe and Michael Bloomberg to make gun control a winning issue in Virginia last night, Hillary Clinton has apparently made the decision to make undermining a core human and Constitutional right the core focus of her campaign:

Hillary Rodham Clinton vowed Tuesday to make stricter gun control into a campaign that can compete with the powerful National Rifle Association’s drive to preserve gun rights, and to put the issue on the minds of voters when they cast ballots on Election Day.

“We’re going to make this a voting issue just like the other side does,” Clinton said at a town hall event in early-voting Iowa.

Clinton said that while cutting down gun violence has become a tough political battle, she’s determined to push measures that would expand background checks, make it harder for guns to land in the wrong hands and overturn a law shielding gun manufacturers in lawsuits.

Of course, Clinton can’t be honest about why she’s pushing for background checks, which is a gun-owner registration scheme, as Alan Korwin makes painfully clear.

The Manchin-Toomey bill, The Diane Feinstein bill, the existing Brady bill, in fact every so-called “background check” and gun-ban bill yet proposed by Second Amendment deniers has as a central element a gun-owner registration scheme. Everyone who reads these bills—which doesn’t include politicians or reporters (a national disgrace)—they all learn the same three things.

First, the public is being lied to. You are being told the bill is something it is not.

Second, the powers promoting these statutes know if they told you the truth you would rise up in righteous fury against them. (“We want to register everyone who has a gun, it’s not a background check like we’re telling you we’re interested in.”)

And third, they know their only hope for passage is deceit, which is grounds for removing them from office.

Clinton, like Barack Obama, could care less about prosecuting actual criminals who use firearms in the commission, of crimes a sad fact proven yet against this week when the Department of Justice let the woman who straw-purchased a pistol used to kill a police officer walk away with probation instead of the ten years in a federal prison she deserved. She may be appealing to her old, white liberal base, but she’s not earning any friends among young black voters who want criminals thrown in jail and left there… not more gun laws.

Hillary’s insistence on attacking the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) is also destined to backfire. As we noted several weeks ago:

The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act keeps vultures like the Brady Campaign from being able to harass law-abiding and honorable American businesses, while still holding manufacturers and dealers responsible for product defects and criminal conduct, as any other manufacturer or dealer of consumer goods.

This was yet another court victory for supporters of the Second Amendment.

Supporters of gun control just aren’t educated enough on the subject matter to understand how badly they’ve lost.


It’s easy for Clinton lie about background checks and PLCAA in front of carefully-vetted audiences and friendly journalists, but if she does become the Democrat nominee, she’s going to find herself confronted with a Republican candidate that is going to relentlessly hammer her on every one of these deceptions, severely damaging a candidate that even most Democrats don’t feel they can trust.

It’s going to be a trainwreck… and she’ll have deserved every voter that stayed home out of disgust, or who voted for a Republican for the first time in their lives.