The usual left-wing suspects are once again being dishonest in order to support the racial discord seemingly favored by the media, and push an anti-police narrative.

Here’s how the Daily Mail fabricates reality.

A dramatic photograph from last night’s protests in Minneapolis over the ‘execution-style’ shooting of an unarmed black man appears to show a police officer pointing a rifle at the son of a congressman.
Jeremiah Ellison, the son of Minnesota Democrat Keith Ellison, was unarmed and had his hands in the air as the cop appeared to aim his weapon at him.
The congressman tweeted on Thursday that he had seen the image and found it ‘agonizing’, adding that his son was protesting peacefully.
The shocking moment came during skirmishes between police and demonstrators protesting against the shooting of Jamar Clark, who was unarmed when he was fatally shot in the head by cops.

Gawker is equally dishonest.

Last night, as protesters gathered in Minneapolis following the police killing of an unarmed black man, not even the son of a U.S. congressman could avoid the cops’ aggressive show of force in response.

According to activist Wintana Melekin and Al Jazeera America, the photo above shows Jeremiah Ellison, son of U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, holding is hands in the air as a police officer points a rifle of some kind toward him.

And of course, Rep. Keith Ellison has his say as well.

Here in reality, we know the difference between a rifle and an older version of a single-shot Defense Technologies 40mm gas launcher with an EOTech sight mounted on top.

Other pictures of the same officer more clearly show that he was using a specific kind of 40mm ammunition with a distinctive round green projectile.
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Is it anti-tank? High explosive? Flechettes? Buckshot? Tear Gas?

No, we’re looking at neither a bullet, nor an explosive, or even tear gas, but a M1006 foam round.

The officer was equipped with a military-grade Nerf gun, typically fired at 15-50 yards used in a defensive manner to keep violent mobs from throwing bricks or Molotov cocktails. Getting hit with a foam charge like this is like catching a softball in the chest. It’s not pleasant, but not life-threatening, and certainly isn’t a “rifle.”

As for the officer, you’ll note the foam-filled launcher isn’t aimed at anyone, and certainly not at Ellison the Younger, who is several yards closer to the camera than the bore of the launcher is pointing. It is instead pointed downward at the ground in a position known as “low ready.”

This position is adopted by trained personnel who want to be able to bring a firearm or non-lethal into action quickly, but is lowered so that the muzzle is pointed at the ground in front of the person (or mob) that has their immediate interest, so that they can see the entire picture for signs of a threat. Numerous officers are shown holding these same launchers with foam rounds in the same position at the protest.

Ellison the Younger is participating in a “Black Lives Matter” protested that erupted from the lies of so-called eyewitnesses after a violent thug named Jamar Clark was shot while wrestling for control of a police officer’s gun.

Convicted felon Clark apparently beat his girlfriend so badly at her birthday party that she required emergency medical care. Clark then attacked paramedics and eventually responding police. He was shot after he had gained control of an officer’s gun.