Sixteen people were taken to New Orleans area hospitals with injuries after two groups opened fire on one another in in the turbulent Ninth Ward:

A dispute between two groups of people in a New Orleans park Sunday escalated into a shooting that injured at least 16 people, police said late Sunday.

The shooting took place at around 6 p.m. local time after approximately 500 people had gathered at Bunny Friend Playground in the city’s 9th Ward to film a music video, the New Orleans Police Department said in a statement. Ambulances took 10 victims to area hospitals, and police later learned that another six victims had been taken to the hospital in private vehicles.

Photos of the scene showed emergency workers wheeling some of the wounded to ambulances on gurneys while other people who appeared to be in pain lay on the ground. No deaths were immediately reported and police had few details on the extent of the victims’ injuries.

Police spokesman Tyler Gamble told the Associated Press that the video was being made without a permit to use the park. He added that police were on their way to break up the crowd when the shooting took place.

New Orleans Police Superintendent Michael Harrison told reporters that officers were a block away from the park when they heard the gunshots and were flagged down by passersby.

While the mainstream media typical provides excruciating levels of intimate detail about the victims and perpetrators involved in mass shootings, they’ve provided almost none in this incident.

Perhaps I’m being cynical, but I suspect that the media is being vague because they don’t like to report what demographics and area history suggest is black-on-black crime, almost certainly committed with illegally-acquired weapons by gang members with extensive criminal records.

Why does the media seem so Hell-bent on covering up black-on-black crime? Is it because that they’re then be a push to actually solve crime where it exists, undermining the gun control cult’s push to disarm law-abiding citizens?

When the media avoids specificity, they can try to make this a gun problem, instead of a criminal culture problem.

The only detail they provided was that one of the suspects may have had a “silver machine gun,” even though the odds of anyone having a machine gun in that crowd are incredibly low.

There have been precisely two murders carried out with legal machine guns in the past 81 years; none were mass shootings.