Never one to miss a chance to put his foot in his mouth, Barack Obama manged to find room for both feet this afternoon:

In his first news conference since Friday’s deadly shootings at that Planned Parenthood clinic Friday, Obama said Tuesday that Congress, states and local governments will have to act in order to prevent “people who are deranged or have violent tendencies” from getting weapons that can inflect mass casualties.

“I will continue to present those things that I can do administratively,” Obama said, “but at the end of the day, Congress, states, local governments are going to have to act in order to make sure that we’re preventing people who are deranged or have violent tendencies from getting weapons that can magnify the damage that they do.”

Obama went on to say he hopes the latest incident will ignite conversations at all levels of government to reduce gun violence that he said “just doesn’t happen in other countries.”

The failed President delivered his diatribe from Paris, France, where 130 were murdered and 368 were injured in terror attacks just two weeks ago,the majority of whom were gunned down by Islamic terrorists.