The Inland Regional Center, a social services distribution point in San Bernadino, California, is the subject of some sort of attack at this time. Multiple casualties have been reported, and authorities are attempting to clear the scene.

There does not appear to be any casualty-producing at this moment, but the situation will be considered active until the scene is entirely secure.

We expect the media the get things grossly wrong with a number of fantastic claims (as they often do), but will update this story when we have had data.

We do know that at least one of the buildings has been cleared by SWAT and they are presently attempting to clear the remainder of the site.

Before anyone asks: yes, this is a “gun free zone.”

Update: I’ve been listening to the San Bernadino police scanner for the past two hours. The police are chasing numerous leads, the vast majority of them contradictory and false not due to any malice, but due traumatized eyewitnesses and people who are reporting anything that looks vaguely suspicious.

We’re now starting to get an accurate idea of casualties.

Authorities have responded to an active shooter situation near the Inland Regional Center where 14 people were confirmed dead and 14 others injured.

The suspects may have fled the scene in a dark-colored SUV, according to San Bernardino police chief.

“There are multiple casualties, including fatalities,” Sgt. Vicki Cervantes of the San Bernardino Police Department said.

We’re still getting reports that authorities are looking for multiple suspects (witnesses claim as many as three), but in my humble opinion, the casualty count would be very low for a coordinated attack against a building filled with developmentally disabled people unable to effectively to either defend themselves or retreat.

I strongly suspect that we’re dealing with a single shooter, and probably someone with ties to the Center.

Update: After a high speed chase and shootout, two suspects are down. Another suspect was captured, but they don’t seem to know if he was part of this incident or not.

We’ll update again when we have a clearer picture of the situation in another post.