In recent months the mainstream media have become increasingly bold in their attacks on the core human rights of their fellow American citizens.

One failing tabloid in New York called for the five million members of the world’s oldest and largest civil rights organizations to be branded as terrorists.

The NY Times just published a front-page op-ed that called for the outright elimination of “some large categories of weapons and ammunition,” and numerous times progressives have called for forced disarmament, including a recent fact-challenged post on Arianna’s blog.

So let’s game out the progressive Left’s confiscatory fantasies. It might go down something like this…

Barack Obama makes a rare Oval Office address at 8:00 AM, announcing the executive orders that anti-liberty Democrats have been pining for.

These executive orders include:

  • A determination that the National Rifle Association is a “domestic terror group.”
  • An immediate ban on production, sale, or possession of all centerfire rifle ammunition “commonly used in military-style rifles” as “armor-piercing.”
  • An immediate ban on the production, sale, or possession of all “military-style weapons,” which includes all detachable-magazine-fed semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and handguns, bolt-action centerfire “sniper rifles,” and pump-action and lever-action centerfire rifles.
  • A mandate for the creation of drop-off centers for citizens to surrender their banned firearms, magazines, and ammunition in every county seat.

Hours before the President’s public statement, the homes of top NRA executives were raided by federal agents. Those who were home were arrested without issue. A number of others on business trips quickly went into hiding.

The public reaction to the executive orders on social media was explosive, with citizens referring to the President as a “traitor,” “dictator,” or worse. Calls for his impeachment or physical removal from office were immediate and widespread. The Secret Service quickly doubled the number of uniformed officers on duty as a show of force.

The editors and talking heads of every major news organization in New York and DC were orgasmic with delight as they congratulated Obama on his “bravery.”  At Fox News, Col. Ralph Peters was restrained after nearly beating Shepard Smith to death with a teleprompter.

Nationwide, gun stores were mobbed, and many opened in spite of the President’s mandate. While the FBI NICS operations center shut down at the President’s command, stores quickly sold out of their inventory of banned guns and ammunition all the same, often with local law enforcement officers opting to help the lines remain orderly.

By noon, most gun stores were empty.

Sheriffs and police chiefs nationwide hastily called press conferences, the vast majority of them sounding on the same theme that they found the Presidents orders to be grossly unconstitutional, and that they would not enforce any of them. A significant number of sheriffs and police chiefs  went to far as to pledge that their departments would oppose any attempt by federal authorities to impose the executive orders by “any means necessary.”

Before the sun set, the House of Representatives drew up and passed articles of impeachment against the President.

A scattered number of armed protests broke out in several state capitals, though few turned violent, as law enforcement officers and protesters were largely in agreement. Several IRS offices were burned all the same.

President Obama declared a state of martial law, and ordered the National Guard in all 50 stated federalized and mobilized. The majority of governors and state-level Guard commanders refused to recognize the President’s authority. Units were formally federalized in a handful of “blue” states, but they were empty shells, as Guardsmen themselves refused to follow what they held to be unlawful orders.

The Pentagon ordered all full-time soldiers on alert and confined them to base. In North Carolina, several hundred Green Berets “went missing,” along with their helicopter air support and the contents of their armories. The commander of the unit formally resigned via video link with the Pentagon and mentioned “I’ll be seeing you soon” before dropping off the grid.

Secret Service agents called in sick in record numbers. Many simply did not report for duty. DC metro police were grudgingly called into service to guard the White House.

On Capitol Hill, the Senate attempted to fast-track impeachment charges against the President, but could not find Chief Justice John Roberts to preside.

The internet was shut down by executive fiat after the hashtags #MarchOnDC, #ImpeachObama, and #Traitor began trending.

Citizens who could began evacuating DC.

Air Force One was put on standby, and Marine One, the President’s Helicopter, was staged on the South Lawn just in case.

Night fell.

A White House alert sounded shortly after 2:00 AM as unauthorized flights of Special Operations MH6 and AH6 helicopters thought to contain the “missing” Green Berets from Fort Bragg were reported working their way toward Washington, DC, under the radar.

Marine One spun up, and the President and his family were rushed aboard in an evacuation from the White House.

Marine One took off safely, but instead of heading towards Air Force One, the pilots did a leisurely lap around DC airspace before heading for the Capitol, where they were met by Capitol Police, who handcuffed the President and took him into custody.

Wayne LaPierre, freed from his illegal confinement, merely smiled from the Senate gallery as a tear-streaked Obama was marched into the Senate Chamber.  A disheveled and clearly unhappy Chief Justice and the Senate immediately began articles of impeachment against the President for “high crimes and misdemeanors” resulting from his failed attempt to undermine the Constitution.

The Green Berets continued their flight into D.C. and seized the White House and several other sensitive locations in order to preserve evidence for future criminal trials of the President’s collaborators. Top Democrats and journalists were put on the “no fly” list in order to prevent them fleeing the country.

Newly sworn-in President Biden walked to the podium and began to address a stunned White House Press Corps, renouncing all of Obama’s new executive orders and reaffirming the supremacy of constitutional law in the United States…