All 1,124 schools in the nation’s second largest school district have been shut down today as a result of a backpack bomb threat.

All of Los Angeles’ public schools were closed Tueday due to a “credible terror threat,” officials said.

LA Unified School District Superintendent Ramon Cortines said the threat involved backpacks and said every school in the 700,000-pupil district would be searched.

“I think it is important that I take this precaution based upon what has happened recently and what has happened in the past,” Cortines said.


Backpacks were used to transport the bombs used in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing conducted by Islamic immigrants and the 2005 London bombings carried out by four home-grown Islamic terrorists.

San Bernardino California was recently the site of a Islamic terrorist attack that saw 14 people murdered before law enforcement officers gunned down the husband and wife suspects, which also exposed huge gaps in our nation’s visa screening process.

The threat of terrorism has become a pressing issue for many Americans, as many feel unsafe as a result of the Obama Administration’s dangerously determined importation of poorly-vetted refugees and immigrants from Islamic countries.

The latest Gallup poll shows more than twice as many Americans are concerned about terrorism than are concerned about “guns or gun control.”

Moreover, more Americans are concerned about the government than are concerned about “guns or gun control.”

According to Gallup, “About one in six Americans, 16%, now identify terrorism as the most important U.S. problem, up from just 3% in early November.” At the same time, the percentage of Americans who view government as the most important problem facing us is at 13 percent and the the percentage of those who view the economy as the most important problem sits at 9 percent.

Firearms sales and applications for concealed carry permits have skyrocketed nationwide in the wake of the San Bernardino attacks, and the radical left’s attempts to leverage the attacks to ban entire classes of firearms rarely used in crimes has trigger another massive run on guns just days after a record-shattering “Black Friday” which saw Americans purchase enough firearms to equip a militia the size of the Marine Corps with guns left over to arm two Army divisions.

Today’s threats to the LA Unified School District and the San Bernardino attack will almost certainly be a significant issue in the last GOP debate of 2015, being held this evening.