I just watched one of the most deplorable political performances of my lifetime.

President Barack Obama just addressed the citizens of the United States, a nation deeply worried about the potential threat of Islamic terrorism, from the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC).

He did so as the nation is still reeling from the San Bernardino terrorist attacks by two Muslims who had pledged loyalty to ISIS, the world’s best armed and financed Islamic terrorist group, led by a man with a PhD in Islamic Studies, who is faithfully carrying out the tenants of Islamic Jihad.

Obama spoke as the republic recoils under continuing revelations of how his Administration has failed to properly vet immigrants and refugees for ties to terrorist groups. He did so as the country shakes its collective head in amazement that he, himself, refused to listen to intelligence briefing that pointed out the threat of Islamic terrorism. And of course, Obama spoke just 24 hours after the Navy finally and formally recognized that the attacks in Chattanooga were Islamic terrorism.

In his address, Obama couldn’t or rather wouldn’t, say the words “Muslim,” or “Islamic.”

It’s a stunning self-indictment of a man who utterly refuses to name, much less combat, the greatest fear of most citizens in this country.

I would strongly advise my fellow Americans to continue following the path that we’ve been suggesting of acquiring firearms and professional defensive firearms training, along with adding basic trauma medical training and equipment as is possible.

It’s clear that the President of the United States refuses to fight the threat of Islamic terrorism on the homefront.

That duty now falls to us.