While some businesses have decided to ban customers who openly carry holstered handguns now that the practice is legal in Texas, many others are greeting the practice with open arms.

Going even further than mere acceptance, one enthusiastic business has gone so far as to offer open carriers a substantial discount.

While many businesses won’t allow people to carry openly, at least one is greeting guns with open arms. Brooks’ Place in Cypress is offering a discount to folks carrying a weapon at their waist.

“If you haven’t tried it, how do you know you don’t like it?” said owner Trent Brooks.

For once, Brooks isn’t talking about his BBQ.

“I’m a business owner. I have a family. You know, I have a home to protect,” Brooks said.

That’s why the licensed gun owner strapped on his sidearm.

Starting Jan. 1, Texans can carry guns openly, and if you carry openly at Brooks’ Place, you get a 25-percent discount.

Texas is the 46th state to allow some version of handgun open carry, a largely non-controversial practice in the saner states in the union.

Despite the cries of gun control groups that the change in the law would lead to “blood in the streets,” there have been no known significant issues with the change in the law in Texas, and none is expected.

The paranoia of gun control groups that the reclaming of civil liberties will lead to recreational bloodshed has simply never come to pass in any state where open carry or concealed carry laws have passed. There is instead some evidence that shows areas where open and concealed carry are popular, that the practice of lawful carry helps reduce violent crime.