Europe’s failed socialist leaders are arguing that they’re attempting to make Europe a safer place with their new push to disarm their civilian populations even more, but we all better:

Gun collectors could be forced to apply for a licence and undergo background checks even if they only own deactivated weapons if European Union (EU) officials get their way. Critics have called the proposed legislation “excessive,” and have accused the EU of harassing responsible gun owners.

EU officials have deemed the last round of regulations, introduced in 2008, to be inadequate, claiming that they leave Europe “vulnerable to criminal activity.” European leaders have agreed, vowing in the wake of the Paris attacks to “rapidly examine” the new proposals with the intention of approving them at a summit in February. The new laws would then come into effect in July, The Local has reported.

Among other measures, the draft law will ban the ownership of all Category A firearms throughout the European Member States, even when such guns are deactivated. Only museums which are approved by the government would be able to own such weapons, while all other collectors would have to give them up.

Collectors would also be forced to hand over any disguised firearms, such as walking stick shotguns, even when deactivated; likewise, ammunition collectors may be affected even if they don’t own a weapon capable of firing the ammunition.

In the UK, collectors already need to be licensed but this requirement would be rolled out across the rest of the EU. In addition, all licence holders will need to reapply every five years, and a “standard medical test” for all applicants will be rolled out.

European Union leaders are scared of five things, none of which they’ll admit in public.

  1. They’ve imported a huge, violent immigrant population shot through with jihadists who have no intention of assimilating, but who are instead intent on dominating their host nations. They don’t have an answer, and won’t admit failure.
  2. The jihadists have no problem whatsoever smuggling in automatic weapons, ammunition, hand grenades, and other military-grade weaponry into their host nations, as has proven vividly in France, England, and elsewhere in Europe.
  3. The jihadists are thought to be coordinating “Tet Offensive” type attacks in dozens to more than 100 cities in Europe simultaneously.
  4. European leaders are terrified that the civilian population will use their arms (lawful and otherwise) plus whatever tehy can confiscation from police and military armories to retaliate against the Muslim populations (guilty and innocent alike) in the sort of ethnic cleansing that Europeans have proved so adept at throughout their history.
  5. Europe’s socialist politicians are worried that after the “immigrant issue” is handled (or perhaps concurrently), that radical nationalists will then turn their arms against the European Union as a whole and left-leaning parties in general in an equally bloody purge of those that “got us into this mess.”

Let’s be perfectly clear:  the tightening of Europe’s gun laws are be proposed to save Europe’s leaders and violence-prone immigrants from the native populations of their countries. This isn’t about crime or “gun safety” in the slightest.

There are military and counterterrorism experts who are concerned that this could quickly develop into a brutal series of ethnic purges like we saw when Yugoslavia ripped itself apart from 1991-2001, and perhaps even a world war.