One of the wonderful things about being stranded in Las Vegas due to this past weekend’s winter storms along the mid-Atlantic is that I had several more days to make new friends, and spend more time with old friends.

One of those “old friends” is Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics, one of the best AK builders in the nation. He specializes in high-quality AKMs for professionals. He’s also been working with SilencerCo to create the world’s best suppressor-tuned AKs.

As a continuation of that project, Rifle Dynamics has built a one-of-a-kind, suppressor-tuned short-barreled rifle (SBR) prototype in 300 Blackout that must be heard to be believed… or rather, not heard.

You’ll note that my hearing protection, which I wear religiously even when shooting rim-fire ammunition, is noticeably absent in every picture with this prototype 300 BLK rifle. It simply isn’t needed on any level.

When by far the loudest sound is the 220-grain bullet clanging against the steel, and the trigger reset makes more noise than the shot, you’re dealing with something really, really special.

We fired magazine after magazine through the 300 BLK rifle, and it was incredibly quiet, accurate, and reliable.

It isn’t known if this (or a similar) Rifle Dynamics suppressor-tuned 300 BLK will be sold as another Rifle Dynamics/SilencerCo collaboration, but if it is, I fully expect it to become wildly popular among those with a taste for rugged, accurate, and reliable AKs.

They simply don’t get any better.