I can see this going over like a loud fart in church.

A few Kansas lawmakers are working to expand gun rights even more. A bill introduced in a House Committee Wednesday morning would lower the age limit for carrying a concealed handgun, from 21 to 18.

“We’re talking about a basic fundamental second amendment right here,” said Rep. John Rubin, a Republican from Shawnee.

Rubin wants to make it so anyone over the age of 18 can apply for a concealed carry permit.

Right now you have to be 21, so the change could mean even more guns at Kansas universities.

“We don’t need more guns and more access to guns, particularly among young people whose brains are still in that critical formation stage of judgement,” said Rep. Barbara Bollier, a Republican from Mission Hills.

Universities are already adjusting to a law that allows anyone to carry a concealed weapon in a public building.

They’re exempt from that law for now, but only until next July.

Several students at Washburn University tell KSNT News they aren’t too concerned about having concealed weapons on campus, but they might be if the age limit is lowered.

“I remember how dumb I was when I was 18, I still am. I mean, I don’t think that lowering the age is going to be a good idea. I think it would be a real irresponsible move, but as long as they keep it at 21, I think that would be ok,” said student Lucas King.

“18, 21 you know I feel like we get a little reckless, so that’s something that should be pushed a little bit,” said student Bryan Kincade.

Despite that, Representative Rubin wants to see the change for one specific reason.

“We as a society are now saying is, you’re mature enough to go put your life on the line and fight and die for your country, but not to drink a beer, not to buy a cigarette, and not to have a concealed carry permit and none of that make sense to me,” said Rubin.

I’d suggest that when pro-gun students are telling Rep. Rubin that this bill is a bad idea, that he might want to pump the breaks a little bit and put more thought into what he’s advocating.

He is correct in noting that our service personnel are often carrying small arms, driving tanks, and using crew-served weapons at 18 years old.

He’s is not being rhetorically honest when he fails to point out that these 18-year-olds carry these weapons in a very tightly-controlled, narrowly-defined set of circumstances, under constant supervision from higher ranking soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen who will chew them a new orifice if they step even the slightest bit out of line.

Those in the cognitive sciences long again determined that the teen-aged brain is woefully immature. The human mind isn’t mature until you are in your 20s, with 25 being the agreed upon age for the maturation of the rational part of the human brain, according most experts. 21 is already a compromise, and is one that seems to work well in the majority of the nation.

Dropping that age, and exposing literally immature minds to not just possible but easily predictable failures “because none of that make sense to me,” is a matter of stupidity on Rep. Rubin’s part.

If Kansas goes along with this poorly-thought out scheme, it’s only a matter of time before some 18-20 year old with a concealed carry permit acts within his or her mental immaturity, and costs innocent people their lives. This seemingly inevitable eventuality will then be used against against gun owners in general, and lawful concealed carriers in particular.

Rep Rubin: stop trying to help us.