How do people like this Darton State College professor even leave their blanket forts to enter the real world, when the presence of a uniformed officer with his sidearm taking your class completely freaks you out?

On Wednesday, a police officer was escorted from a classroom at Darton State College.

The officer is a student at the college, and was wearing his full police uniform.

The teacher was reportedly uncomfortable with having a gun in the classroom, and asked the officer to be escorted out.

The university has issued a statement, reading:

“Darton State College is appreciative for the service of our law enforcement, and welcome them as students on our campus. We have apologized to the officer for our misunderstanding when he attended class on our campus, and we regret this happened. We have met with the faculty and staff involved to reiterate the Georgia Law and Darton Policy.” – Dr. Thomas Ormond, Interim Provost/VP for Academic & Student Affairs, Darton State College

Perhaps the officer was assault sitting, or crossed his legs in an aggressive manner?