Sean and Sandy Anderson were the first to walk out and surrendered to the FBI this morning at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Sandy answer was patted down, and peacefully taken into custody, followed by her husband.

The rants from the Andersons from last night that FBI “assassins” would gun them down was entirely unfounded.

Jeff Banta was the next to surrender.

David Fry, who was live-streaming with Gavin Seim over the phone, then said he would not surrender.

Activist Gavin Seim and Nevada Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore are attempting to convince Fry to surrender, but Fry responded that he is “declaring war” on the federal government, and indicating that he’d rather be martyred than go to jail.

He is also stating that he has a gun at his head. He seems primed to commit suicide rather than face prison.

Let’s hope he surrenders instead.

Update: Fry has finally surrendered. The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge standoff is over on day 41.