Former Florida Governor and Republican Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush posted a simple picture to his Twitter account yesterday that seems to have almost broken the Internet.

Bush received what appears to be a FNX -45 .45 ACP pistol with “Gov. Jeb Bush” engraved on the slide when visiting firearms manufacturer FN America in Columbia, South Carolina. The handgun may be Bush’s first, as the candidate has previously said that he did not own any firearms.

Even though he has never apparently owned firearms until this point, Bush’s 2nd Amendment record as a politician has been solid, earning him an “A” rating from the NRA. Bush is currently polling in fourth place as the Republican primaries move to South Carolina’s “First in the South” primaries on Saturday.

Predictably, gun control supporters quickly attacked the picture. We find their criticisms—mainly from self-neutered Brits, effete hipster tech sector bloggers, and others of the perennially-offended whiny set—to be worth little more than an eyeroll.

Politicians routinely pander to local concerns when campaigning, and Bush visiting FN America, a major employers and defense contractor in South Carolina, is both expected and predictable. It’s also not surprising that FN America would award him an engraved firearm, as the tradition of politicians receiving engraving firearms dates back more than a century.

Maybe it’s time for these historically illiterate critics to educate themselves.

Nah… ignorant whining is what they do best.

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