A 45-year-old white male* is in custody after a spree killing the occurred in three locations over the course of six hours in Kalamazoo, Michigan. At least six people have

The first attack took place at roughly 6:00 PM at the Meadows Townhomes, where a woman was shot repeatedly outside her home and seriously injured in what appears to be a completely random attack. The suspect fled the scene and his vehicle was involved in a hit-and-run. She is expected to live.

At 10:15, the same suspect murdered a father and his 18-ear-old son at Seelye Ford Kia as they were looking at a vehicle on the lot. A female family member sitting in the family vehicle was not seen by the killer, and witnessed them being killed. The suspect then drove off, but not before being captured on surveillance cameras that apparently helped authorities establish the make and model of the vehicle he was driving.

Roughly 15 minutes later, the same suspect opened fire at a random group of people standing outside the Cracker Barrel. Four women died at the scene. A 14-year-old victim is gravely injured, but still alive.

In total, six people were killed, and two are seriously injured.

A multi-agency manhunt was initiated as soon as authorities had a description of the suspect and the suspect’s vehicle.

A law enforcement officer discovered a vehicle leaving the parking lot of a local bar that matched the description of that seen in the shooting, and called for backup. A felony traffic stop was then initiated.

The suspect offered no resistance during the traffic stop and complied with all law enforcement commands.

This means that kept his hands where officers could see them, did precisely what officers asked of him, and did not make sudden movements, attempt to flee on foot, resist arrest, or make other actions that could be construed as putting the lives of officers or other members of the community at potential risk.

Once the suspect was in handcuffs he was then searched and taken into custody. A semi-automatic handgun consistent with the murders was discovered in his vehicle, along with “other evidence” tying him to the shootings.

Wood TV 8 is stunningly reporting that the murderer was an Uber driver who drove fares between shootings.

The man suspected of shooting eight people in the Kalamazoo area, killing six, was an Uber driver who was apparently taking fares in between opening fire at various locations, police tell 24 Hour News 8.

Authorities are investigating reports that J___ D___* dropped off a group of people at a Fairfield Inn in Texas Township, then went next door to the Cracker Barrel and opened fired on two vehicles, killing four people.

A woman at the hotel said she heard about 10 shots, then ran outside and saw the suspect driving away at a normal rate of speed from the scene.

People at the hotel said the passengers dropped off there were interviewed by police.

The suspect does not have any known criminal record in Michigan or Indiana.

The shooting does not meet any definition of terrorism. This horrible incident is most accurately described as a spree killing (someone who kills two more more people at multiple locations), with the Cracker Barrel shooting (four fatalities, one critically injured) being a mass shooting within the spree.

Formally, Uber company policy bans guns for passengers and drivers, but the ride-sharing service has no mechanisms to enforce such a policy.

Within the past year, armed Uber drivers have broken up a choking attack attack in Florida and averted a mass shooting in Chicago.