The Uber driver who killed six and wounded two more in a spree killing in Kalamazoo, Michigan last month invoked the campaign slogan of Donald Trump before opening fire on four his victims.

The 45-year-old married driver had already shot three people during the rampage on February 20, when he arrived at the Cracker Barrel restaurant where victim Mary Lou Nye, 60, was visiting with Abigail Kopf, 14.

He approached Nye, asking if she could spare a dollar to ‘make America great again’ – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s election slogan, according to police reports seen by

When she refused, Dalton shot her, then Kopf, and another three people. Only Kopf survived.

The murderer*—who is now attempting to claim that the Uber app controlled him in an apparent bid to push for a mental insanity plea—would no doubt have murdered his victims regardless of whether she gave him money or not, as his request was merely a thin pretext to justify the slaughter he was going to conduct regardless of her response.

The media is of course having a field day with the revelation he uttered Trump’s catch phrase, asserting that Donald Trump’s personality is somehow act fault for this killer’s actions, or alternately, suggesting that Trump attracts the mentally ill to his campaign.

They’re of course missing the big picture, which is that the murderer was able to get the firearm used in his killing spree, and many other firearms that he owned, all quite legally. The left-wing obsession with gun control was once again no impediment whatsoever to someone who was intent on committing a violent crime.

The killer had no criminal record, no documented history of mental illness, and passed all background checks required of him by the law.

This is the reality of the situation which the media willfully and intentionally downplays in this story, just as they minimize the coverage of the many times gun owners have saved lives, including an Uber driver who stopped an attempted mass shooting in Chicago less than a year ago.

Criminals and the dangerously mentally ill will acquire weapons and use them to hurt other people, legally, or illegally. Gun laws only prevent law-abiding people from being able to defend themselves from these predators.

Of course, that fact is just another truth the media will not share.