Left wing Washington Post gun control propagandist Christopher Ingraham must have been giddy when he found a questionable sociology “study” that concluded opposition to gun control must be racist.

Clearly the authors of the report, who curiously hail from Barack Obama’s University of Chicago, don’t have access to any historians at the school to point out that the history of the gun control is the history of racism itself. Gun control in the United States has always been about Democrats denying undesirable minorities the rights to own firearms, whether we’re talking the Irish and Italians in the Northeast, Blacks in the South during Reconstruction up through the present day, or the rainbow of minorities in California denied gun rights by white liberals, starting with Chinese immigrants brought over as cheap labor for the railroads.

At the exact same time, far left Think Progress is alarmed that the gun industry is marketing to Blacks and Latinos.

So which is it, guys? Are we screaming racists merely absent Klan hoods, or are we guilty of being inclusive and open to all like-minded people to the point that it terrifies you?

Please make up your minds.