If anyone wants to give me about ten grand, my buddy Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics just pointed out on Facebook that a very rare Type 1 AK—one of only 2-4 rebuilds known to exist in the United States—is up for sale on Gunbroker.

The crown jewel for the ultimate AK collection. This is one of about four known to exist in the US. Additionally, its the rarest AK around the world due to the limited production run and its age. This is an original barreled kit from the PLOs that came in. The original owner had the kit and had Myguns custom build the receiver specifically for him. I then acquired it from him some years back. This beast is a 1951 dated one and has the two-piece panel bakelite grips. The barrel is in very nice condition and passes the bullet test. It will come with the proper slabside mag as pictured. The recoil rod is not proper, seems to be a T3. I have shot it once and it functions quite nicely. Sold as is and no buyers remorse refund, this is your one chance to own it.

The starting bid for this incredibly rare rifle is $5,500.

I’ve seen and handled a Type 2 AK just once, and have never even seen a Type 1 before. It’s an incredibly rare example of an early model of the most influential combat rifle of the mid-20th to early-21st centuries.

I’d love to see someone buy this and send it to the National Firearms Museum where we could all enjoy it.