I dislike Hillary Clinton’s stance on immigration. I feel that she is disrespecting my deeply held (if shallow and inherently self-destructive) personal beliefs. Further, it is my opinion that she holds nonsensical policy positions, even though I lack the intellectual coherence, vocabulary, or education to express why her positions are “wrong.”

So I’m just going to use my public soapbox to suggest to my followers that assassinating her is a socially acceptable response to her holding different political viewpoints. Until that murder can be accomplished, using violence to threaten her followers at political rallies is something else I gleefully advocate.

That’s called mirroring, folks.

Those are the basic arguments made by a pair of gang members at Coachella Music festival, with Donald Trump and his fans being the targets of their ire, not Hillary Clinton. I merely turned their words around.

Sadly, several popular culture outlets seem all but gleeful in that very real call to use violence as a form of political expression.

Billboard’s Adelle Platon all but gushed over this advocacy for domestic terrorism.

MTV’s Adam Fleischer is equally stoked to champion the use of political assassination and mob intimidation. Racketeering is great if it brings a diverse coalition of people together!

It’s quite pathetic, but the “progressive” left is clearly advocating the use of political violence to solve our ideological differences.

Our politics continue to spiral downhill, and the devolution is largely cheered by the Left. Coachella is a music festival held annually at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. My modest knowledge of popular culture suggests that it is a big deal, attended by such luminaries as Johnny Manziel and various Kardashians and Jenners. Among the headliners today was a rapper known as YG who performed, to the ecstatic cheers of 20,000, a “song” called “F*** Donald Trump.” The lyrics suggest, among other things, that Trump should be murdered:

All the niggas in the hood wanna fight you
Surprised El Chapo ain’t tried to snipe you
Surprised the Nation of Islam ain’t tried to find you
Have a rally out in L.A., we gon f**k it up
Home of the Rodney King riot, we don’t give a f**k
You built walls? We gong prolly dig holes
And if your ass do win, you gong prolly get smoked

F**k nigga, f**k you!
When me and Nip link, that’s Bloods and Crips
Where your L.A. rally? We gon crash your s**t.

The song, or whatever it is, was co-written by two gang bangers, one a Crip and the other a Blood. Here you can see YG leading the crowd in chants of “F*** Donald Trump.”

Powerline blogger John Hinderaker goes on to note that if a country music singer at a festival advocated this same sort of violence towards Democrats (as I mirrored the semi-literate rapper “YG” in my three opening paragraphs), that the mainstream media would lose their ever-lovin’ minds.

Every outraged network would lead with the video if a country music singer wrote a song advocating the murder of the leading Democrat candidate along violent attacks by criminal gangs against specific Democrat rallies. They’d attempt to destroy the artist’s career (and rightfully so). They’d seek to have the festival itself shut down, and banned from ever being held again. Newspapers would issue front-page denunciations of the violent call to action, and would no doubt find a way to blame the “toxic discourse” of the Republican Party. They would also somehow attempt to pin the blame on the National Rifle Association. The Southern Poverty Law Center would determine that anyone within 200 square miles of the concert who owned cowboy boots was part of a “hate group.”

But despite our clearly tongue-in-cheek headline, no one of consequence is advocating violence against Democrat frontrunner Mrs. Clinton or her competitor, Mr. Sanders. These threats are only being issued by Democrats, and cheered by fellow progressives.

Members of street gangs engaged in the illegal narcotics trade are not being celebrated at CMT’s web site for advocating political violence. They are at MTV and Billboard.

I’d strongly suggest that the authoritarian left needs to get it’s house in order, and step back from their increasing threats to use violence towards political ends.

They need to reign in their thug culture, before it irreparably damages political discourse in this nation, or is used to justify violent crime against citizens who are exercising their right of free political expression.

I assure you that if you start using violence to push your political agenda that you’re going to find that the very reserved people you are attempting to intimidate are both better armed and better trained.

We’d rather not have to prove that point.