The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), a public university with an enrollment of more than 43,000 students, is currently on lockdown as law enforcement officers armed with AR-15 patrol rifles sweep the campus for an alleged campus shooter.

UCLA was on lockdown Wednesday morning after reports of a possible shooter in an engineering building.

Two people were “down” at UCLA and police were searching for someone wearing a black jacket and black pants, The Daily Bruin reported.

Police confirmed two victims, The UCLA Newsroom tweeted.

Authorities were on the scene at Boelter Hall, a campus media relations officer said.

We’re following this still breaking story, and will provide updates as more facts are know.

Update: According to authorities, there were apparently three shots heard fired, all in relatively rapid succession.

The shooter does not appear to have left the building, and it’s beginning to look like this may have been a murder-suicide.

It’s also worth noting that while guns are outlawed at UCLA, not every student was willing to be an easy victim.