Under the Gun, Katie Couric’s anti-gun documentary which has come under fire for allegations of fraud and criminal behavior by the film’s producers, has now been hidden on the streaming digital media network which proudly championed it just two weeks ago.

EPIX had boasted of the film and featured it prominently in their satellite, cable, app, and online viewing listings, but Under The Gun quickly fell out of their premium listings once it’s credibility was challenged, though EPIX claimed that the reduced visibility was a result of an existing agreement with the film’s producers.

Now the beleaguered film appears to have been “memory-holed” on EPIX.

If you go to EPIX.com and look through their documentaries, you will no longer find Under the Gun listed, either as a “Documentary,” as an “EPIX Original,” as a “Recently Added” film, or in any combination of those check-the-box options. The only way to find the apparently fraudulent and criminal anti-gun film is by searching for it by name.