Here we go again: another untrained fool who should not have had his hands on a firearm in the first place has managed to shoot himself to death while posing for a selfie.

A 15-year-old boy who fatally shot himself in the chest Friday was apparently trying to take a selfie when the gun accidentally discharged, police said Tuesday.

The photograph hasn’t been found — police will be asking a lab to access the boy’s cellphone — but that is the Overland police investigators’ leading theory in the death of DaMontez Jones.

The teen died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his right upper chest, and the shooting has been ruled an accident, police said.

The teen’s older brothers, who said they were in another room when DaMontez was shot, told their father about the idea of the selfie, too, said DaMontez’s father, Dennis Jones Sr.

“They said he was trying to take a picture and (the gun) went off,” Jones said.

The gun belongs to Jones’ mother’s fiancé, who works as an security guard. It was not secured, but was instead placed on a high closet shelf “where kids wouldn’t find it.” Clearly, that worked out well.

Charges against the mother’s fiancé are not likely. A lifetime of guilt for not spending the $40-$50 on a simple safe to keep the gun out of the hands of curious children is a certainty.

Folks, you have a natural right to bear arms.

That right comes with responsibilities, and that includes safe storage.