The death of Korryn Gaines yesterday was entirely avoidable.

Baltimore County officers in a warrant services unit went to execute two arrest warrants in that Randallstown apartment yesterday. One was an arrest warrant for a male subject on an assault charge. The other warrant was for Korryn Gaines on multiple charges from a March traffic stop where the depths of her paranoia and hatred towards police were put on clear display in a series of videos that she herself filmed.

The traffic stop here was initiated because she was driving without tags (a license plate) on her vehicle, which is a perfectly reasonable reason for police to stop someone. Watch how Gaines blows this situation up into a significant incident, terrorizing her child in the process.

Gaines is attempting to escalate a simple stop over not having tags on her vehicle into a violent confrontation, and is terrorizing her own child in the process.

This is, quite simply, child abuse.

She has convinced this poor child that police are going to kill his mother, when they’ve been nothing but unfailingly polite and professional throughout the encounter.

What kind of person does this to her children?

What kind of society generates so much unwarranted hatred towards police?

Oh, that’s right… Shaun King and the cop-hating domestic terrorists of the Black Lives Matter movement, as my colleague at Twitchy Greg Pollowitz so perfectly documents.

Gaines failed to appear in court for the disorderly conduct and resisting arrest charges and traffic citations which resulted from this traffic stop. That was the reason warrant services officers were sent to her door by the court system yesterday at approximately 9:20 AM.

Officers knocked on the door and announced themselves, but the people inside the apartment refused to answer. Officers heard them inside the apartment so they got a key from the landlord, which is not extraordinary.

When they opened the door, they found Gates with a shotgun in one hand, and her child in the other.

The man in the home wanted on the assault warrant ran from the apartment with a one-year-old old and was taken into custody, while Gates barricaded herself in the back of the apartment with her five-year-old son—the same child she terrorized in the March traffic stop—as her hostage as she continued to threaten to murder police with the shotgun until roughly 3:00 PM.

The race-baiting Shaun King posted video filmed by Gaines’s phone of a Baltimore County SWAT officer in her front doorway during the roughly six-hour standoff where she held her son as an unwitting hostage.

You’ll note the officer is only observing and is not making any threatening gestures. While armed and armored, his weapon is at the low ready, and pointed away from the child/hostage Korryn Gaines used to film this footage.

Frankly, I think Gaines put her child out as bait, in hopes the SWAT officer would step into the apartment so that she could murder him. He does not take the bait, and remains in a defensive posture.

Eventually, Gaines threatened the officers with her shotgun one time to many, and an officer opened fire.

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