An inflammatory headline and lede about the events leading up to the police shooting of Korryn Gaines pushed late last night by Baltimore Sun has kicked off a fresh round of rage among anti-police and Black Lives Matter zealots on social media.

Sun reporter Alison Knezevich claims in her lead that an officer “kicked in the door” to the apartment shared by Korryn Gaines and Kareem Kiean Courtney.

This is not factually true, a fact that Knezevich mentions later in the article.

Warrant officers began knocking on the door of the apartment at 9:20 AM, announcing who they were and that they had warrants. The process of knocking and announcing continued for the next ten minutes as Gaines and Courtney and the two children could be heard talking inside the apartment.

After ten minutes one of the officers unlocked the door with a key obtained from the landlord. Once he did so, the officer opened the door several inches and encountered a simple pull chain.

The officers saw Gaines inside the apartment, reiterated that they were police officers and had a warrant for her arrest, and told her that she needed to undo the door chain and let them in.

Gaines refused.

It was at this point that warrant team officers forced open the door to serve their warrant, and encountered Gaines threatening them with a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun.

We know from her Instagram account that this violent plan of action was something Gaines apparently decided upon a week ago.

Gaines knew that there would be warrants issued both for her failure to appear on multiple charges and for the domestic violence charge against Courtney, and she seemed to have made up her mind on how to respond more than a week ago with a bizarre Instagram post of her loading a shotgun, thanking her father for teaching her “how to protect herself,” and “who to protect herself from.”

Gaines make it obvious that she’s referring to police when she notes that she purchased her pistol-grip, pump-action 12-gauge shotgun (“Big Girl”) before “they threw me charge” (arrested her) and she became a prohibited person.  Gaines further noted that she bought her shotgun as protection against other another black person (“Thought i was gon have to take out a nigga”), but it’s impossible to tell if she meant a specific individual (perhaps her violent life-in boyfriend Courtney?) or the generalized threat of black-on-black crime.

She concludes by alluding to “a bigger problem” (the police she knows will be coming to serve warrants) and then suggests she intends to fight them (“Fuck it Let’s dance, i got some rhythm”).

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Gotta thank my dad for teaching me how to protect myself (cells) …nd i gotta thank myself (cells) for teaching me who i need protection from. Hope they sending in clones?im waiting tho. They threw me a charge too late, got my "Big Girl" September of last year. Legit w/papers. Thought i was gon have to take out a nigga nd realized i had a bigger problem. Fuck it Let's dance, i got some rhythm.?

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