As a gun rights activist in Texas and a Republican party official myself, this story hit a little too close to home.

Waller County, a suburb outside of Houston, Texas, has decided to sue a local gun rights activist. His crime? He complained that county officials were unlawfully barring firearms from being brought into a public building.

Terry Holcomb Sr. is the executive director of gun rights advocacy group, Texas Carry. He is also the State Executive Committeeman for the Senate District 3 of the Republican Party of Texas.

Holcomb Sr. “crime” according to Waller County, District Attorney, was sending out letters to more than 75 local governments and public institutions across Texas. The letters were complaints of restrictions placed on licensed permit holders from bringing a firearm into a public space.

The District Attorney for Waller County said he understands that this lawsuit is unconventional. However, he continues, believes it is necessary to explain that the suit is needed to seek clarification, hopefully by means of the Texas Legislature, of where guns can and cannot be in public places.

Holcomb doesn’t buy it, however. In a piece for ABC News, he comments: “ I’m not going to kowtow to a local government acting like a group of thugs.“

In an exclusive interview for Bearing Arms, Holcomb went further. “It is just that, its just an excuse, if they want a clarification in the law, there is actually a process that was passed last year that they could have followed.” They could have sued the Attorney General. They could have sued the state for that matter. But to sue a citizen is unprecedented and extremely dangerous.”

We agree, Mr. Holcomb. We agree.