Full disclosure…

I am the Southwest Director of Students for Concealed Carry.

Well.. that settles it.

On August 4, Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, filed a formal complaint with the Office of the Attorney General of Texas. The complaint is in regards to the gun-free office policies that were implemented at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Texas at San Antonio. The policies were originally only held by the University of Texas at Austin after the Republican Governor appointed Board of Regents approved of allowing the provision to stand. Quickly after, universities across the state followed suit and withdrew their former policy of keeping professors from determining whether they can make their offices “gun free zones” or not.

In the complaint, SCC argues, “If a gun-free” office wasn’t legitimately declared “gun-free” under GC Sec.411.2031 (d-1), it’s not a “premises or other place” where “license holders are prohibited from carrying a handgun..”

Students for Concealed Carry, with a membership of over 50,000, is a grassroots student-led organization that has spearheaded the national “campus carry” movement. After successfully helping pass the Texas version of the bill last year, the organization has continued to keep pressure on individual universities to make sure that the letter and intent of the law is being followed. The “campus carry” law, Senate Bill 11, officially went into effect for public universities in Texas, on August 1st.