A suspect with “negative feelings” towards law enforcement has shot a police chief and a deputy in rural Arkansas near the Oklahoma state line and is on the run.

Law enforcement are trying to capture a suspect who shot the Hackett Police Chief and a deputy in Sebastian County this morning.

The shooting happened near Highway 253, in the area where Boone and Mockingbird Lane are. Law enforcement is asking people to stay away from the area.

Officers are at the property of the suspected shooter, but the shooter is not in custody, Pevehouse said.

The condition of the officers is unknown right now.

The attempted cop-killer as been identified as Billy Jones of Greenwood, Arkansas. The Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office, Fort Smith Police, Greenwood Police, and Arkansas State Police are on a manhunt for Jones in a heavily wooded area between Greenwood and Hackett, and law enforcement agencies in Oklahoma are also on alert in case Jones moves towards the state line. They originally thought that Jones had barricaded himself inside a home but have apparently breached and cleared that property without finding him.

Pedro Rivera of KHBS/KHOG has been interviewing family members and friends of the suspect, and says that Jones is “a very temperamental person” and is known to be heavily armed.

We’ll update this story as it develops.


billy jones

KHBS/KHOG has shown a mug shot of Jones, and the station is reporting that Jones is a “prohibited person” with previous drug and firearms charges. Jones surrendered after shooting up a police EOD robot.

The deputy was was shot by Jones has died.