A Texas man sticking up for man’s best friend (above) will not face charges for the shooting of a man who was beating a dog:

Houston police said a shooting on Ringold Street in Acres Homes started early Wednesday morning with an argument over how a man in his 20s was treating his dog.

Police said a man in his 60s said he saw the younger man beating his dog and tried to stop it.

“My son attacked him in some form or fashion because they were talking about the dog. My son ran into the house. The guy that shot him ran into another area, got the shotgun and shot through my back window and shot my son in the neck,” the younger man’s mother told KPRC 2.

She said her son went to the hospital for treatment. She would not reveal his name. A family member said he was expected to be released from the hospital later Wednesday.

Houston police said the shooter would not be charged with a crime. They considered this a case of self-defense.

Other neighbors familiar with both men said that the dog-beating younger man had a history of “causing problems” and don’t blame the 60-year-old for shooting the younger man in the slightest.

I’d caution that the version of the story told by the younger man’s mother is almost certainly factually incorrect.

You are not legally justified in leaving the scene of a incident, acquiring a firearm, and returning to the scene only to then fire at a person through their window anywhere in the country. For officers to so quickly determine that this was a case of self-defense, something else obviously occurred.

The dog, by the way, is just fine.