A federal judge has denied three UT Austin professors’ request to deny students the ability to carry firearms into their classroom before the Fall semester begins.

According to Judge Lee Yaekel, “Because Plaintiffs at this time have failed to establish a substantial likelihood of ultimate success on the merits of their asserted claims, their request for immediate relief must fail. The court therefore need not and does not reach the remaining requirements for granting a preliminary injunction. ”

The professors sued the University of Texas at Austin and the state of Texas based on the premise that campus carry, which is the lawful concealed carrying of firearms by licensed students, restricted their first amendment rights or “academic freedom”.

Shortly after, both the attorney general of Texas and the university asked for the case to be dismissed.

In response to the judge’s recent decision, the university professors’ lawyer, Renea Hicks, responded with the following:

“We’ll just have to pull together more facts for trial and hope things go smoothly on campus in the meantime. Sometimes, public policies are so terrible and extreme that it takes the law and courts a little while to catch up.”

We’ll just wait to see about that.