Who said it had to be cocks and not glocks? Why can’t we just all.. COEXIST?

That’s what we at  Students for Concealed Carry decided to do.


Several months ago, a University of Texas at Austin marketing student, Jessica Jin, decided enough was enough. She successfully organized an anti-campus carry protest, appropriately named, #CocksNotGlocks.

The protest took place on Wednesday, the first day of the Fall semester, on UT Austin’s campus. The protest took place in an area that, ironically, has allowed concealed carry to exist for the last two decades. The protest vowed to hand out over 4500 dildos to protest the newly implemented “campus carry” law.

We offered this statement in light of their protest. My favorite line of our statement comes from our very own Brian Bensimon, Texas State Director of SCC and current student at UT Austin:

“If carrying a phallus to class helps you express yourself, go for it. We welcome this demonstration that freedom of speech and concealed carry of handguns can coexist on the same campus.”

If you agree and would like to join the,  um.. movement, check out our ‘Gun/Dildo Alliance’ website here.