Two men have been charged with felonies after threatening several people who attended a Donald Trump rally in Bay County, Florida.

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office says two Bristol men were arrested Tuesday night after five people, three adults and two juveniles, flagged down a deputy to report two men had just pointed what appeared to be a handgun at them.

The BCSO deputy was driving north on Highway 231 when a black Jeep pulled up beside the patrol car and yelled at the deputy to pull over. The deputy stopped at Highway 231 and Linger Longer Road and spoke to the victims just after 11 PM Tuesday.

The victims stated they had just been at a gas station at 1409 Highway 231 to get fuel to make the trip home after attending the rally for political candidate Donald Trump. They were wearing Trump t-shirts. They were approached by two men who yelled profanities at them because of their t-shirts.

The victims responded by affirming their support of the candidate and got into their black Jeep to travel on Highway 231. The victims noticed a grey Chevrolet Tahoe following them and when they stopped at a red light, the Tahoe pulled up alongside their vehicle and one of the suspects pointed a silver handgun at the victims, putting them in fear for their lives. The victims pulled away at a high rate of speed and it was at that point they spotted the BCSO deputy.

The carload of Trump supporters flagged down the BCSO deputy and described what occurred just in time for the suspects to drive right by them.

The driver, Deondra Lamar Fitzgerald, 20, said that he didn’t have any weapons in the vehicle, but three realistic airsoft guns—including the silver one used to threaten the victims—were recovered within arm’s reach of Fitzgerald and his passenger, Ozzie Cidon Anderson, 23.

Fitzgerald was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for pointing the airsoft gun at the victims. Anderson was charged with principal to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.