Jana Waller Honored by UW-Whitewater With Distinguished Service Award

Posted at 8:33 am on October 14, 2016 by Jenn Jacques

I love to give credit where credit is due. And when that credit is going to a friend of mine, I am thrilled!

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Wisco’s own Jana Waller, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater alumni and host of Sportsman Channel’s Skull Bound TV show, has been honored with a “Distinguished Service Award”. The award is bestowed to deserving alumni based on performance in a given field of interest, Waller is being recognized for her role in promoting the outdoors through hunting and conservation.

“Jana Waller is a proud alumna of UW-Whitewater and we are proud of the many things she has accomplished in promoting outdoor recreation and conservation,” said Kirby Mills, Assistant Athletic Director for External Relations, UW-Whitewater. “As a female television host, she is paving the way as a pioneer for future women wanting to follow her footsteps.”

Waller is a lifetime member of Safari Club International, The Mule Deer Foundation and the National Wild Turkey Federation and an annual member of The NRA, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Sportsman For Fish & Wildlife, and The Sportsman Alliance. In 2015, she was named “Communicator of The Year” by the National Wild Turkey Federation. Along with being an ardent conservationist, Waller is dedicated to supporting veteran organizations. Many of Wallerʼs painted or beaded skulls are donated every year to raise money for conservation and veteran related organizations. To date, she has personally raised more than $38,000 for conservation and veteran causes.

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“I am incredibly honored to receive a Distinguished Service Award from UW-Whitewater,” said Waller. “I have been passionate about hunting and conservation since my youth and to be able to have a career where I can pass on my passion through television, print and other media has been so rewarding. My success is – in part – due to my Public Relations degree from the University. To be recognized for my work in this field is humbling.”

Jana will be honored at a celebratory reception on the evening of November 4 before being presented with the award during the Warhawks football game against UW-River Falls at Perkins Stadium on November 5. The Warhawks are currently 5-0 this season.

Congratulations, Jana!! Can’t wait to see you in November and honor your amazing accomplishments!!