If you’re into the AK rifle platform in the United States in the 21st century, then you’re probably familiar with Jim Fuller, his company Rife Dynamics, and the iconic warrior angel logo that symbolizes the company.


It’s been my honor to know Jim for several years now. I’ve been to his shop, and I’ve been to the range with him, and I’ve even had the opportunity to build my very own AK with Jim as my mentor.


Rifle Dynamics AK Builder and Armorer Class: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics

Jim is a craftsman and an artist who works in steel and wood and Bakelite, and his “canvas” are the AKM and AK-74 platforms.



But Jim wasn’t always among the most well-known and highly-respected AK builders in the nation. In fact, it came to him relatively late in life.  Jim was 50 when he finally began the work that has brought him so much recognition.

Painter Keomaka has been focusing on what he calls his Signature Series. He’s made telling the story of the Rifle Dynamics “warrior angel” the subject of his latest piece, “Redemption.”

If you’re a Rifle Dynamics fan, or simply like the painting, Keomaka selling prints of the painting on his web site.

I think it’s fascinating that Keomaka has now chosen two people in the firearms industry to be the subject of his work, with firearms trainer Travis Haley being the subject of not one, but a series of paintings.

Firearms are a huge part of the American cultural experience, and they’ve shaped our identity as a nation and as a people. It’s interesting to watch that significance become the subject of art.