Predictably, a grandstanding gun control group turned the thoughtful gesture into a moment to scream, “Look at us! We’re still relevant! LOOK AT US!”

The gun-violence-prevention group CeaseFirePA said it was sending gun locks to the Eagles players who were receiving the shotguns from Wentz.

The rookie quarterback, who is a hunter, is buying the offensive line Beretta shotguns, each with the player’s number engraved on the butt of the gun, according to ESPN.

And now, the players are also getting locks for their firearms.

CeasefirePA’s executive directorShira Goodman told Bearing Arms Thursday morning that they’re discussing whether to go with cable locks or trigger locks for the shotgun.

Amusingly, CeasefirePA’s attempt at grandstanding is an entirely futile one, as neither trigger locks nor cable locks will work reliably with an over/under shotgun.

Trigger locks must precisely fit the trigger guard of a firearm to function; otherwise the entire lock assembly can be moved to depress the trigger.

Cable locks work by running them through the action of a firearm. Over-under shotguns simply don’t have an action to obstruct. The best you might be able to do with a cable wrap is to wrap it around the receiver… which would be utterly foolish, as the barrel and receiver assemblies for Beretta’s over-under shotguns simply separate for storage and travel as shown in the box below.

Maybe next time instead of looking for attention, CeasefirePA can do the rudimentary work it takes to discover that Carson Wentz bought his offensive line one of the safest firearms on the planet, which simply cannot be fired when stored.

CeasefirePA, like most gun control groups, runs on a toxic mix of ignorance arrogance, and fear.

Hopefully they’ll bother to one day take the same sort of gun safety classes they’ve recommended for the Eagles offensive line.